Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rick Perry

As most people have been following the GOP debates for laughs or entertainment, there has been one candidate that has his own way of addressing issues and that's Rick Perry. At first, because of all his mess ups and runons, he makes himself appear as though he took no effort to prepare for his speech and answers. He never stays on topic and always lands on some colorful way to weed through the awkwardness. Perry also uses alot of non verbal communication to try and express his views. On some level it may actually work to move his audience to some point, but for others it just doesn't cut it. It's hard to understand his point and listen.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Presidential Campaigns for 2012

Recently, the GOP candidates for the 2012 Republican nominee have created a lot of controversy and buzz in the media. There is one candidate who shows good speech abilities for obvious reasons, and that is Herman Cain. Although I would never vote for Herman Cain even if I was forced to, he has an ability to grab his audiences attention. This be true due to the fact that before he was a front runner in the campaign, he was a motivational speaker. When he's not pausing for very long periods of time, he's making speeches that are strong and persuasive. He uses a lot of nonverbal communication in his explanation of topics, and of course just as much verbal communication when he goes into detail about them. The fact that he's still at the top of the polls despite his recent sex scandal, shows how good his speaking skills are. One specific skill that he uses, is the idea of having a main focus or point, and that's his 999 slogan which seems to automatically grabs people's attention and make it seem as though he knows what he's talking about. Herman Cain is a prime example of how having good speech skills can help through life, especially when you're running in the campaign to be the GOP candidate for the 2012 election.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Speech Review

My speech last Wednesday was very good and well paced. I would say I addressed the objective of the assignment almost perfectly. I gave a loud and on topic speech about my subject which was how to optimize your credit score. I think I went a little off topic at some points so that my audience could understand exactly what I was talking about, but other than that everything was well balanced and straightforward. I believe I barely said any ums or uhs (verbal fillers) and I only looked down at my notes when I was moving on to a new section of the speech. I gave emotion and feeling to the words and delivered the speech very well.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Speech Preparation

To prepare for my speech, I went over the main points of the subject over and over again. I needed to familiarize myself with the subject and not just have a word for word speech. So by going over the different ways to improve your credit score. The hardest part was trying not to go off topic and start another speech inside the speech. I practiced in front of a mirror watching my movements and making sure I didn't use any verbal ticks. Doing it slowly and then fast improved my normal pace because they must have evened out. I had to pin point each method and then shortly explain them without going into too much detail. The best way to prepare for a speech is repetition.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wall Street Protests

This week I watched and actually went to the protests on Wall Street. I thought that this would be a clear example of what we have been discussing in Speech class. Some of the small protest leaders gave speeches and discussions about what their purpose was. The fact was, that their reason was very clear, but their information was mislead. They constantly sound confident in what they preached, but people found it hard to believe. A big part of this was non verbal communication. The fact that all of these people were giving speeches with a shanty town behind them which represented their speech and purpose, was very discouraging to their listeners. That was the only part that struck me as bad non verbal communication. The good non verbal communication I saw, were the signs and the ways some of the people dressed. Some dressed in costumes that represented the state of the economy and others how they've been screwed and tortured by their own country. The best were the people who dressed up as zombies who were brain washed into believing common Wall Street jargon. These forms of communications gave very mixed results when it came to criticism. Overall, I think that they know what their doing, but you can tell that they're unsure how to keep communicating their messages to their listeners.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Steve Jobs 2005 Speech to Stanford Graduates

This specific speech has been known to be controversial about Steve Jobs. He talks about how he never finished college despite his parents wishes, how he revolutionized Apple's computers, and a few other stories about his life. Critiquing his speech is hard, because there are a lot of things wrong with it and a lot of things right. First off, he barely makes any eye contact with his audience as he is focused on what he's written down. Since he's considered a great public speaker, he never makes any um's or uh's, so the whole speech is very fluid and on track. Throughout the entire speech, he sticks to his main points that he clearly identified in the beginning of his speech. The only nonverbal communication he gives with the listeners, is the movement of his head which amplifies his words and their meaning. Sort of like giving the words emotions and stressing each point he wants them to make. Steve Jobs keeps relating his stories to his audience and encourages them to learn from him and his actions. Overall, it's a moving speech with many signs of a good public speaker. Jobs doesn't go off track or go off tangent, he sticks to his points and stories and tells them with a personal but professional way of communication.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Food and Culture

Hi Friend,
As you may know, we are going to eat at the home of a Japanese family. Since their culture is very different from ours, I did some research to see how we should behave and at we should expect. First off, family meals are very important in Japanese culture. They represent the communion of the family and the closeness they have. You might think that we're going to be served squid or something like that, but Japanese food consists of steak, seafood, and a lot of healthy vegetables. The important thing is how you eat the food, so you have to be polite and well behaved, but also a bit assertive, otherwise they might think lowly of you. There are three things you should remember to do at the table. First is to thank them for the meal when u finish. Second is show gratitude towards them at all times but don't brown nose it. Lastly, remember to give good body language as their ethnicity is very non verbal. Three things you shouldn't do at the table are first, don't act lewd or misbehave. Don't shout or use a loud voice. Lastly, don't just get up if you need to go to the bathroom. I'll see you there.